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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Windows கான Shortcut கீகள்

01. Shortcuts to get access to Windows Features 


Windows Key + E Start Windows Explorer (in My Computer) 

Windows Key + R Open the Run window 

Windows Key + F Open Windows Search. Pressing - F3 on empty desktop works too 

Windows Key + L Lock the keyboard / computer 

Windows Key + F1 Display Windows Help 

Windows Key + P Choose Presentation Display Mode 

Windows Key + X Open Mobility Center


2. Windows 7 Taskbar shortcuts 

Windows Key / Ctrl + Esc Activate Start Button. Then use arrow keys, Space Bar and Enter to navigate within Start Menu 

Windows Key + T Go to first item in taskbar, continue with arrow keys 

Windows Key + B Go to first item in system tray 

Shift + Left-Click on a taskbar item Start new instance of taskbar item 

Ctrl + Shift + Left-Click on a taskbar item Start new instance of taskbar item as administrator 

Shift + Right-click on a taskbar item Show the window menu for the program 

Windows Key + 1…9 Switch to application in position N on taskbar (or launch pinned application) 

Shift + Windows Key + 1…9 Start new instance of taskbar item in position N on taskbar


03. Shortcuts for navigating Desktop 

Arrow Keys Navigate between and select single icons on desktop (when focus is on the desktop) 

Home / End Select first / select last object on desktop 

Enter Launch active icon 

Shift + F10 Activate context menu of active icon by simulates right mouse button. Once in the context menu use arrow keys, a-z and Enter to select item 

Tab, Shift + Tab on empty desktop Navigate between desktop, the quick-launch bar, task bar and notification bar. Then use arrow keys and Enter or Space Bar to activate specific icons 

a, b, c, … Pressing the first letter of the name of any objects will highlight the application or folder. Continue typing the object name if multiple objects start with the same letter.


04. Shortcuts useful for Windows Admins 

Windows Key + Break Display System Properties window 

Ctrl + Windows Key + F Search for Computers (with Active Directory activated) 

Windows Key + Pause Access System Properties which holds system properties, computer name, device manager and so on 

Alt + Page Up / Alt + Page Down Move between programs from left to right / from right to left 

Alt + Insert Cycle through programs in the order they were started 

Alt + Home Display the Start menu 

Ctrl + Alt + Pause Break Switch between a window and full screen 

Ctrl + Alt + End Display the Windows Security dialog box 

Alt + Del Display the system menu 

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